Tabs are like ToDos in the browser.

Stop staring at tabs you can't deal with now.
Tab Snooze lets you put off tabs until later and returns them to your browser automatically,
so you can focus on what's important now.

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for Google Chrome
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Snooze is only supported on Google Chrome at the moment

Tab Snooze wakes up tabs for you -
just when you need them.

When it's time for a tab to wakeup,
it will automatically reappear in your browser.
A desktop notification will let you know
it’s back, and your awoken tab will stay
marked as new until you get to it.

Your browser is the perfect todo list.

Sleeping tabs are ordered neatly by relevance date. Wake them up sooner if you need to.

Snooze from anywhere

Available for Google Chrome, iPhone, and Android.

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Tab Snooze for Safari and Firefox is coming out soon. Stay tuned!

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